"Even Bunnies Have Fangs"
Episode 6
Kanji うさぎにだって牙はある
Romaji Usagi ni datte kiba wa aru
Air Date November 11, 2015
Story Arc Festivals of Fools Arc
Opening Afilia Saga
Ending Ito Kanago
"The Witch-Hunting Festival" "Traitor"
List of Episodes
"Even Bunnies Have Fangs" is the sixth episode of the animated adaptation of the light novel, Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai.



List of characters in order of appearance:



  • "Bunnies", which indirectly refers to Usagi Saionji, means this episode revolves around her.
    • Usagi Saionji's name Usagi refers to bunny or rabbit in English.

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