This is a list of episodes in the anime adaptation of the series. The anime was aired in Japan on October 7, 2015, and released as subbed on October 8, 2015. 

Anti-Magic Academy consists of 12 episodes, all with the maximum of 24 minutes each. Each volume is covered by two episodes making 5 volumes covered in total while the 9th episode adapted a short story. The anime concluded with an anime-original ending.


Episode 1 Title "Move Out! Small Fry Platoon!"
Shutsugeki! Zako shōtai! (出撃!雑魚小隊!)
October 7, 2015
Episode 2 Title "Summon the Hero"
Eiyū shōkan (英雄召喚)
October 14, 2015
Episode 3 Title "A Witch Joins"
Majo nyūtai (魔女入隊)
October 21, 2015
Episode 4 Title "The Necromancer Laughs"
Shiryōjutsushi wa warau (死霊術師は笑う)
October 28, 2015
Episode 5 Title "The Witch-Hunting Festival"
Majokari-sai (魔女狩り祭)
November 4, 2015
Episode 6 Title "Even Bunnies Have Fangs"
Usagi ni datte kiba wa aru (うさぎにだって牙はある)
November 11, 2015
Episode 7 Title "Traitor"
Uragirimono (裏切者)
November 18, 2015
150px "Two Alchemists"
Renkinjutsu-shi futari (錬金術師二人)
November 25, 2015

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