Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai (対魔導学園35試験小隊 AntiMagic Academy "The 35th Test Platoon") is a Japanese manga series adaptation to the light novel series. The first manga adaptation was published from November 9, 2012 to May 9, 2014 by magazine Monthly Dragon Age. It was written by Yanagimi Touki and illustrated by Hanao Sutarou. It ran for 3 volumes total.

A second manga adaptation by Yohei Yasumura began serialization in Media Factory's seinen manga magazine Monthly Comic Alive from January 2015. It ran for 2 volumes total.

Volumes ︻デ═一Edit

# Volumes
Release date ISBN
1 {{{release}}} {{{ISBN}}}
Chapters list:
  • Chapter 1: Problem Children, Assemble!
  • Chapter 2: Sally Forth! Small Fry Platoon!
  • Chapter 3: Sally Forth! Small Fry Platoon! (Part 2)
  • Chapter 4: Sally Forth! Small Fry Platoon! (Part 3)
Pages: {{{page}}}
Cover character: Ouka Ootori
Manga Volume 1
2 {{{release}}} {{{ISBN}}}
Chapters list:
  • Chapter 5: The Incompetent Ones
  • Chapter 6: The Incompetent Ones (Part 2)
  • Chapter 7: The Incompetent Ones (Part 3)
  • Chapter 8: The Incompetent Ones (Part 4)
  • Chapter 9: Call Of The Heroes (Part 1)
  • Chapter 10: Call Of The Heroes (Part 2)
Pages: {{{page}}}
Cover character: Usagi Saionji
Manga Volume 2
3 {{{release}}} {{{ISBN}}}
Chapters list:
  • Chapter 11: Call Of Heroes II
  • Chapter 12: Call Of Heroes (Part 3)
  • Chapter 13: Call Of Heroes (Part 4)
  • Chapter 14: Call Of Heroes (Part 5)
  • Chapter 15: Call Of Heroes (Part 6)
  • Chapter 16: The "Call Of Heroes" Arc Finale
Pages: {{{page}}}
Cover character: Takeru Kusanagi

Ouka Ootori

Manga Volume 3

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